MAPASO -Essenzen

Energetic essences work on the energetic level due to the information or vibration inherent in them. They are also called information essences or vibration essences. The water-alcohol mixture that I mainly use for my essences only serves as a carrier of this information, but does not contain any material particles of a plant. For example, by providing information about a "strong, courageous" plant, I can remind our innermost being that these qualities of courage also exist in us and thereby make us "more courageous".


       Intuitively and with the help of a pendulum, I select the flower essences that best suit you and your current needs and use them to put together your personal MAPASO essence mixture. To round off the result and enhance the effects of the flowers as best as possible, I add elements from Matrix Energetics to this mixture (including various healing frequencies and healing colors, but also energies of the archangels, etc.).


       For my work I use the classic Bach flowers, Australian living essences and mamboya essences from the Netherlands, whereby I mainly produce individual MAPASO essence mixtures.


       To intuitively create your MAPASO essence, I need your full name and date of birth (day/month/year). This information makes it possible for me to clearly find the essences that are right for you. I also work with the help of photos, which is particularly advantageous when compiling essences for animals, as their exact date of birth is often not known.


       I add a personal mantra or affirmation to every MAPASO essence mixture that supports and strengthens the effects of the flowers.



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