If I had a world to myself, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it is not. And it is the other way around: what it is would not be, and what it would not be would be. Do you understand?

(from Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll)

My name is Iris Erler, I am married and mother of three wonderful children. I have been interested in energetics and alternative healing methods since my youth, including intensively with the holistic ideas of Kurt Tepperwein, Anton Stangl and others. In the beginning, this primarily served to find a better way to deal with my clairsentience and sensitivity, which had always been quite strong. But I soon realized that I wanted to further develop these skills and follow my calling.


        When I took my first Matrix Energetics seminar in 2010 with Dr. Richard Bartlett and Melissa Joy, I decided to specialize in this unique consciousness technology. Since then I have trained to become a certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner and have attended several seminars by Dr. Bartlett attended the levels offered in Europe (Levels 1-4, Magic, Mastery, Intuitive Awareness, Field Trip, Master Harmonic Resonance Technology MHRT and MED Master Energy Dynamics). This means I have a lot of different tools and techniques at hand with which I can work very individually and specifically with each of my clients. In addition to the techniques from Matrix Energetics, I have also been using the methods from Shambala Reiki and Shamanism or Healing of Deep Trauma for several years, which can have a very strong and intensive effect on our energy field!


  Just as I can see the further hiking trail in the distance in the picture above, unlike my children, I can also see and feel many things in your energy field and on the subtle level that your view is still blocked.


In our energetic work together, I will show you the way to your limitless potential of the heart field, back to your energy.